AAUW Tahlequah OK Branch

 Upcoming meetings:

Cocktails and Convos, October 11, 4-6 pm

Title IX: What Does it Mean to You?, The Branch

October/November, Online Fundraiser and
80th Anniversary Celebration

Cherokee Women Leaders 

Mankiller Documentary

November 13, 6 pm – 8 pm,

NSU Webb Auditorium

I Am Worth More: Zoe Spencer on Fighting Racism and Sexism in Academia

Zoe Spencer at the VCU commencement.

Zoe Spencer was thrilled when she began her dream career of teaching sociology. But she was alarmed to discover that less qualified male coworkers were being paid better than she was. “I must admit … I assumed I would be protected there. I was certain that I would be safe from the inequities that raged outside the walls of an HBCU. I was wrong.” Read more »